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About us


Welcome! We hope that you find this website to be a valuable source of important and useful information. 

Our school has been part of the lower midlands community for over 60 years.  We are proud of the educational environment that we offer to our community. That environment is the product of our past, our current values and aspirations and our connections with the community.  



Brighton Area School opened in 1952, providing education for 198 students from Years one to 10.

Eleven years earlier, in 1941, the Brighton Council had approached the Department of Education about “…the desirability of the establishment of an area school…”.  At that time, the local council played a prominent role in school governance including the appointment of head teachers, acting on truancy and deciding school terms.  

Construction of Brighton Area School began in 1951 with a plan to open the school in the same year.  Problems with crowding, predicted by the council 10 years earlier, had become reality and plans had been put in place for the closure of Elderslie, Mangalore, Dromedary and Pontville schools. In addition, the influx of families into the Brighton Army Camp brought additional educational needs. 

In 1954,  a school farm was established on 24.5 acres opposite the school in Downie St.  Senior students learned  to drive tractors, erect fences and construct buildings.  Infant and primary classes gathered eggs and were able to experience new born chicks and lambs. 

Bridgewater High School was opened in 1976,  so our school became Brighton Primary School, educating students from Kindergarten to Year six. The school farm, whilst still in the same location, became part of Bridgewater High School. 

In recent years, the Brighton Municipality has become one of Tasmania’s fastest growing areas.  As  a result, almost 700 students are being educated at Brighton Primary School. 


School Values 

At Brighton Primary School, we share the values of the Department of Education:  


Students are engaged in positive, productive and supported learning experiences; and encouraged towards lifelong learning. 



We have high expectations for our students and a strong commitment to the pursuit of excellence and innovation in our people, in our programs and in our resources. 



We all have the right to challenging and engaging learning opportunities in appropriate settings. 



Positive and effective interactions, with each other and with our environment, are conducted on the basis of responsibility, integrity and accountability.



We achieve growth and strength through partnerships and connections with our learners and our community.