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Parental Involvement

One of the vital factors in a child’s development is the close relationship between home and school.  Parents are welcome to visit the school to assist teachers.  Parents may help with art and craft, outdoor activities, sport at any time, excursions, hear students read or just work with a group of students.  Parents are very welcome in the classroom but we ask that prior arrangements be made with the class teacher.  Parents are also requested to sign in at the main office when volunteering time for our school.


Parent/Child Sessions

Children of 3+ years may attend Parent/Child sessions accompanied by a parent or carer.  These sessions help bridge the transition from “home” to “school” and take place in our Kindergarten facility in Term 2.  Please contact the school office for further information.


Reporting To Parents

We encourage all parents to make an appointment any time they have concerns about their child.  Appointments are organised formally after each report in Terms 1 and 2.


We also encourage regular informal communication between school and home. 


Formal reporting occurs as follows:

·         A progress report during Term 1 (usually 6-7 weeks into term);

·         A comprehensive report at the end of Term 2;

·         A summary report at the end of Term 4.


School Association

Brighton Primary School has an active School Association which is comprised of parents, school staff and members of the broader community.  This Association contributes to the life of the school in many ways but has a particular focus on participating in the development of school policies, contributing expertise to special projects within the school and raising funds to support identified projects.


The School Association is made up of elected members from our school community, and can be an open forum in which to discuss any issue to assist in building our school’s capacity to meet the needs of all students.