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We have a full time music teacher, Sally as well as a part time woodwind specialist on Fridays, Andrew. We have a full time PE teacher, Adam who runs a comprehensive teaching program as well as carnivals and winter sport competition. 

We also have professional staff work within our school to provide additional support in the areas of counselling and assessment which assists us in developing the best possible program for all students.  As these staff members also work in other schools, any referrals for additional assistance are conducted through senior staff members.


Support Teacher

A support teacher is allocated to our school depending on the number of students on the Disabilities Register.  The support teacher assists with programmes for these students including developing Individual Education Plans (IEPs), Personal Learning Plans (PLPs) and Transition (to classes at Brighton Primary School and to Year 7).  Our support teacher, Jenni is located in the music block and can be contacted on 6268 8267.

Guidance Officer

A guidance officer is based in our school in a part time capacity and is available to counsel students as well as test individual students when the teacher feels a need for extra guidance on a child’s progress.  Before the guidance officer works with a child, permission is sought from parents and senior staff. Our guidance officer, Heidi works at Brighton on Mondays and Tuesdays and every second Thursday.

Social Worker

Our part time social worker is available to assist students and families who are experiencing social and emotional problems.  Information is treated as confidential.  Contact the school office for an appointment. Our social worker, Georgia is in the school on Thursdays and Fridays.

Speech Pathologist

We have a part time speech pathologist, Sarah available to support in the areas of articulation of speech and language development.


We have a chaplain working in our school two days a week. He is involved in many support programs. John (Macca to the kids) works on Tuesdays and Fridays. On these days he runs Breakfast Club in the OSHC building next to administration.